What are the advantages of NFC electronic shelf labels

NFC electronic shelf labels are applicable to Wal-Mart, China Resources Vanguard, Rainbow, some large stores and large warehouses. Because these stores and warehouses mostly store materials, the management requirements are strict and complicated. Let’s take an example to illustrate that the information and prices of commodities in large-scale stores are changing every day. It will greatly waste manpower and material resources when changing the information of commodities. At the same time, there is a high probability of making mistakes. For a store that keeps pace with the times, it is a fatal weakness for merchants to make mistakes in product prices and information. NFC electronic shelf labels completely solve this problem. Because the NFC electronic shelf label is sent by the mobile phone to the corresponding data and price of the changed product to each corresponding NFC electronic shelf label, as long as the mobile phone swipes, the information can be changed within 15 seconds.

NFC electronic shelf labels are compared to paper price tags

Compared with traditional paper price tags, NFC electronic shelf labels can continuously change and change the product variety and product information, avoiding the long management time, cumbersome execution process, high cost of consumables, The price tag is prone to errors and other disadvantages. NFC electronic shelf labels not only solve the shortcomings caused by paper price tags for commodity management, but also improve the services of supermarkets and chain stores. In the past, when we went to the supermarket to buy things, we must carefully read the price and barcode of the goods, and may not even find them. The price tag leads to unpleasant purchases and price discrepancies in the purchase process, which reduces the service quality of the store. This can be completely solved by NFC electronic shelf labels. NFC can notify the administrator through network, SMS, email, etc. to change the information and price of the goods in time, which not only improves the quality of service but also greatly reduces the difficulty of management and avoids unnecessary errors.

What is the difference between the NFC electronic shelf label of the combined smart card and the electronic shelf label on the market

The electronic shelf labels on the market are to change the data and prices of commodities through the computer, and the NFC electronic shelf labels of the combined smart card are better products and prices through the mobile phone side, which is the biggest difference between the two. The data replacement time of the NFC electronic shelf label of the combined smart card is 15s, and the electronic label of the market takes 30s. United Smart Card specializes in the development and operation of the NFC electronic shelf label data APP; there is no need for managers to carry a mobile phone to manage commodity data, as long as the manager’s mobile phone has NFC function can be operated.

Post time: Apr-30-2020